Brother entered the Midi market with two sequencers that provide 2 track record and playback capabilities with merge and punch-in / out. Of interest to us was the ability to record midi system exclusive data that would allow the MDI-60 (list $399) to be used as an economical data filer with up to 64K capacity. Sequences or data are stored on 3.5" standard microfloppy disks. Brother also showed the MDI-30, with half the note / data capacity ($299).

The PDC-100 gives you plenty of what you buy a stand-alone sequencer for. Its 32 tracks give you the power and flexibility to control MIDI setups of nearly any size. Its 21,000-note internal memory gives you more freedom to create and experiment. Its 32-character display gives you clear and complete information when you need it. But the numbers are only the beginning. The Brother PDC-100 is easy to use, so you don't have to be a software engineer to get the most out of it.


  • · 21 ,OOO-note internal RAM ( 1 28K)
  • · 3..5" disk drive
  • · Save and load songs and sysex simultaneously
  • · 32 tracks-16 channels per track
  • · 32-character backlit display
  • · Realtime or step recording
  • · Extensive bar and event editing
  • · Cut and paste song"Units"
  • · Quantization and transposition
  • · Variable tempo in same song
  • · 96bpq tempo resolution
  • · Multiple Song Programming


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