The JUNO-60 is a programmable six voice polyphonic synthesizer with 56 Patch Memories and a 61 note, five octave key board. Even the built in Stereo Chorus is Programmable and direct digital interface is accomplished by means of the DCB Digital Interface. The DCB can be used to link two Juno-60's together for layered effects or to hook the instrument to a MC-4 MicroComposer, CMU-800 Compu Music or a variety of ancillary equipment including the MD-8 MIDI to DCB Interface which will make the Juno MIDl compatible.

  • Cassette Interface for storing patch infor mation and digital control features like Arpeggio, Key Transpose, and Patch Shift ing via a DP-2 footswitch make the Juno 60 a standout performer in any situation.
  • Six DCO's with Combinable Waveforms give the Juno sound generating purity and versatility that is totally uncompromised and any mode, manual, LF0, or Envelope can be used to control the Pulse Width. A sub-oscillator produces a square wave that is one octave lower than the DC0 and may be mixed to any degree for a fuller richer cnllnrl
  • The Juno also offers a High Pass Filter that is a distinct advantage in creating realistic string and clavicord patches.

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