K250 EXPANDER - If you're an important part of your band, you've probably realized how impor tant it is to have a Kurzweil 250. Because with it you can play virtually any sound you can think of. Now there's the Kurzweil 250 Expander. With all the features and capabil ities of the basic Kurzweil 250, but without the keyboard. So it weighs in at under 45 pounds. That way, you can carry the band. To get great sound, you have to start with great sound. The Kurzweil 250 Expander has Contoured Sound Modeling.l Which has given the world the famous Kurzweil Grand Piano, Strings and 28 other factory voices, plus 40 keyboard setups. All of which are available instantly from the front Panel.

You're adding a 12-track sequencer. Once you start hearing the sounds you've been hearing, you'll probbably want to start composing with them. So just turn to the Kurzweil 250 Expander's built-in 7900-note, 12-track sequencer. Our sequencer can edit single tracks, edit single notes, run continuous loops and chain sequences together. You can even insert notes, replace instruments or change tempos and volumes on any track. And once you're satisfied with what you've got, there's quanti zation to clean up slight timing errors.

Think of the possibilities. When added to a Kurzweil 250 the Kurzweil 250 Expander doubles the voices you can play at the same time, doubles the sequencer tracks and doubles the memory. Of course, the Kurzweil 250 Expander doesn't have to be played only with the Kurzweil 250 or the Kurzweil MIDIBOARD (although no other keyboard is as sensitive to touch). Any MIDI controller can have access to the Kurzweil sounds and sequencing. Get a bigger band. The Kurzweil 250 Expander can also be expanded with the Kurzweil family of options. Our Sound Modeling Program'' lets you sample your own sounds in seconds. And Sound Block A expands your resident sounds to a total of 45 voices and 124 keyboard setups. We've also added MacAttach II with more editing power. Plus the Kurzweil Sound Library, a growing collection of great sounds on Macintosh disks.

The K250RMX is a rack mount version of the K250 keyboard. The instrument features very high quality sounds utilizing Kurzweil's exclusive Sound Contoured Modeling technique with extensive keyboard editing features, 50kHz sampler with sampling rates (14) from 5kHz to 50kHz, sampling times from 10 seconds to 1 minute (standard), a 12,000 note multi timbral sequencer and much more. Kurzweil has reduced the size to a standard 19" rack mount (about 8 spaces high) that can accept all the same options as the keyboard version.

With the new version 4 software, enhanced midi functions are implemented including separate midi controller recognition per channel, and PRESSURE sensitivity as well as the normal velocity info. Shipments are scheduled to begin in April or May and will include resident sound block, & sampling.

The panel controls are identical to the original K250 keyboard, but reduced to fit. List price for base model $8495.

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