MAV-8 - $295

A 1 space rack mount midi patch bay, the MAV-8 features 4 midi inputs and 8 outputs. The assignment of inputs to outputs is via front panel sliders (8) with LEDUs for input indication (or off).

The MM16 is a multi-purpose midi data processor with 17 front panel faders. Each of the sliders can be assigned for continuous controller information over any one of 16 midi channels, a "velocity mode" that uses the 16 sliders to become a "graphic EQ" for velocity data, and a system exclusive mode for transmitting system exclusive information to control individual synthesizer functions (setups are included for Kawai K1, K4, K5, Yamaha DX7, and Roland D50). The MM16 can merge two midi signals, and can perform midi channelizing.

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