S700 - Realistic, Clear Sound Thanks to 16-point Multiple Sampling and 12-bit Digital Sampling Technologies The S700's multiple sampling up to 16 points (when using the ASK70 memory expansion PC board) lets you wrap yourself in an incredibly wide range of sound. Take the fine sounds of a grand piano for instance.

The S700 can faithfully reproduce all of the original subtleties of the grand piano's high and low octaves. Moreover, it can generate frequency characteristics up to 16kHz and provides sampling frequencies from 4 kHz to 40 kHz for high quality sound reproduction. Thus, the S700 records and plays back sounds just as they are (and should be!) for the whole range of sounds from strings, brass, percussion, or other acoustic instruments to the sounds of nature, human voices, machines, records and tapes, or what have you.

The S700 also offers sampling time of up to eight seconds. And the MlDl's MULTI/ MONO function and SPECIAL MONO mode enables multiplay of up to 16 tones by using the sequencer or drum machine.

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